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About Us

Gene Precision Medicine Group (GPMG) is a science based company as a holding company with some sister companies all focusing in the field of medicine and high technologies. A group of dominant scientists have been working as a team to develop science and high technologies. Various departments are working independently, but as a part of a network, departments of Clinical Laboratory, Precision Medicine and Specialized Services, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, and High Technologies.


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Striving to Supply Human Health World Needs with State of the Art Products

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Research and Development
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Omics Technologies

Impacting the Lives and Health of People Everywhere 

Omics Technologies

Technologies that measure some characteristics of a large family of cellular molecules, such as genes, proteins, or small metabolites, have been named by appending the suffix “-omics,” as in “genomics.” Omics refers to the collective technologies used to explore the roles, relationships, and actions of the various types of molecules that make up the cells of an organism. GPMG is proud to be a provider of OMICs Technologies to its vast array of customers, including research centers, laboratories and hospitals .

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Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine is an approach to patient care that allows doctors to select treatments that are most likely to help patients based on a genetic understanding of their disease. This may also be called personalized medicine. The idea of precision medicine is not new, but recent advances in science and technology have helped speed up the pace of this area of research. 

This approach is a form of medicine that uses information about a person’s genes, proteins, and environment to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease. In cancer, precision medicine uses specific information about a person’s tumor to help diagnose, plan treatment, find out how well treatment is working, or make a prognosis. Examples of precision medicine include using targeted therapies to treat specific types of cancer cells, such as HER2-positive breast cancer cells, or using tumor marker testing to help diagnose cancer.


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Specialized Services

The Collection, Classification, Storage, and Analysis of Biochemical and Biological Information Using Computers Especially as Applied in Molecular Genetics and Genomics


Our group offers a wide variety of high quality services including Next-Generation Sequencing, In Vitro Diagnosis, and Molecular Diagnosis, Personalized and Precision Medicine, Bioinformatics, Sanger Sequencing, qPCR Analysis, Fragmented Analysis, Primer Design, STR Analysis, MLPA, and other services based on our clients' needs.


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